Our Story

     SCYC is a husband and wife team who are passionate about yarn and color.   Robert and Samantha inspire and motivate each other to create beautiful and well-executed art.   In addition to the yarn arts, they both share a love for music. 

- Us -

   Samantha has been an avid knitter for over a decade and is the mind behind the dye pots.  She endeavors to knit everyday and uses her knowledge of knitting and knitwear design to help steer her dyeing process.  She draws inspiration from many sources, most notably nature, movies, and music.  

     She often has several WIPs on the needles at once and believes that you can never have too many handknit socks. 

   Samantha plays a few instruments and finds that designing a sweater is much like writing a song.   

  Robert loves his wife's passion for all things yarn. He enjoys helping her come up with creative names and new colorways.  Robert loves catching his wife singing while she dyes, and likes to listen to music while he works. He has a business degree and helps with the advertising and marketing.  

- Our Methods - 

   Our dyes are all applied by hand.   Most of our colorways were specifically designed so that each skein must be dyed individually.  While this is a bit more labor intensive, we prefer this method so we can ensure that each skein gets the proper amount of attention to dye absorption, temperature, and pH. 

   We are yarn artists, too.  We understand the dedication and commitment it takes to purchase a hand dyed yarn.  You want the best yarn for your project, at the best price; and that is what we strive for at SCYC. 

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